Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

11:40 PM

Okay, I confess. I have this thing for long dresses. Forgive meeee! :))

Me the serious girl.

This: NENE. :)))))

The nene is fierce with them sunnies

Got rid of that clip, para hindi na nene look. :))

I don't know what I did with my hand.
 (GlamnFab Shoppe Dress, GlamnFab Shoppe Necklaces, Gold Bangles, Earring, and Rings, Mint sunnies, Mint Watch, Figlia Heels)

Since summer is fast approaching, I really appreciated this dress. It's breezy enough to contend with the weather. Also, today was sooooooo hot. I mean so because my class is at 2pm and walking along Ayala Avenue at that time was actually a torture. :D

So if you may have noticed, most of what I am wearing is from GlamnFab Shoppe. As to what I've said in my post yesterday, my aunt owns the line, and believe me, she has nice clothes and accessories. Plus! It suits your tight budget. So if I were you, I would be clicking that link RIGHT NOW. :D

 - Rham <3

Behind the scenes:

Hahaha! These are my cousins fooling around while they're waiting for me... :D

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