The First Sunday of March

11:56 PM

Too tired to post this last night. :D

Remember how I told you that I want to help people have outfits  for low prices? Well, here it goes.
Warning: My hair's a mess that day, so please forgive me. Haha!

My favorite photo of the day :)
Shoes from St. Francis Square :)
 Photos by Ellaine Royo

 Blouse from Landmark, Forever 21 Pants, Belt (Used as scarf, which is actually from one of my dresses), GlamnFabShoppe Gold Bangles, Gold Ring from Saudi Arabia, Mint watch

The blouse actually belongs to my mom. :)) I don't know why but I am very fond of wearing her clothes though we're not of the same size. Then, the scarf thingy is really my belt in my dress from Forever 21. Since I don't use it that much, I utilized the belt. Then the shoes, those belonged to me since I was 4th year high school. I bought it at St. Francis for our debate. :))
Voila! This is actually my common outfit during Sundays. I know it is hot but I still opted for this red blouse because the material is actually breezy enough for the weather that day. :)

If you want to look nice and wear something new without having to spend a lot you should try looking out in your mom's closet. For sure, you will find something that will suit you well. :)

-Rham <3

Why am I laughing you ask? Well, Pastor Popeng went out of FPCP and when he turned, he saw us doing this. So I cant help but laugh. :))))

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