Goodbye SophomoreYear.

10:26 PM

I will miss my uniform! :)) *not.
Justin, Rham, Chris
With Chris

See that girl right there? Haha! That's my friend Nikki. She took of the jeep she was riding because she's the only one inside. Haha!
Centro Escolar! Centro Escolaaaaar! One last glimpse before I go on vacay.
These shades have some bloopers hidden in them. Hahahaha! Right, Justin? :)))


I will buy these shades soon. :)

Penge naman nyan!

We nerds. :D
Bye Rham :(
Bye Justin :(

A little drama by Justin and I. Haha! Ka-dramahan. :)) Well, we wont be seeing each other for a while so... there :D

How did I spend the official last day of my sophomore year?
Well, here it goes.

-I went to school at 8am because I still have not taken the exam in Eng14. Also, to talk to the same prof regarding our thesis.
-When I arrived in CEU, my friends were already there as well. Seems like we talked about coming to school early. :)) I  blabbed everything that my mouth can from The Hunger Games premiere in SM Megamall.
-I went up to look for the prof, unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found.
-Had laughs with Justin. (May ginagaya kasi kaming couple sa school. Hihihi. Sshh! :D)
-Looked for the prof again. Still no signs of her.
-Went inside the room for Statistics exam.
-Since I was exempted from the exam, I looked for the prof. Again. No hope.
-Went up and down the building looking for her. WALA PA RIN. Arg.
-Talked with my classmates at  the Lobby. Talked about MOA/Megamall plans.
-Still went up to look for prof. For about three times. ////wist
- At 1pm, Justin and I took off to Megamall.
-In Megamall, shopped for stuff. Lol. And ate. And laughed and talked and everything else. We wont be seeing each other for a while. (okay, maybe two weeks. Haha!)  Talk about missing each other. Enough said.
-That's it. Haha!

Oh well. Good bye Sophomore, Second Semester! I leave you with no regrets!

-Rham <3
PS. Photos are not complete yet. Internet connection's not cooperating well :( :D

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