Happy Hunger Games!

8:00 PM

I have waited so loooooong for you. :)
Fan Girl \m/

With my cousin, Divine.

Cinema 2. :)))
No more queues. Syempre, closing time na e. :))
No more people... :D
I took advantage of the fact that the mall's empty except for us who watched HG Premiere :D
Yes folks, that's my seat number. :D
Got this when I was heading out the cinema
(Lee Pipes Cardigan, Top from Ate Rea, The Bead Shop Necklace, Mint watch, Forever 21 Pants, Cose Bag, Primadonna flats)

Can I just say that a lot of what I am wearing are from my friends? Haha! The cardigan, necklace, bag, watch, and shoes are all gifts. I have generous friends :))))

Anyway, THE HUNGER GAMES. asdfghjkl; You could just imagine my anticipation for this movie. Ugh. We arrived in Megamall 30 minutes before showtime. There was an incredible traffic, that's why. I saw a lot of familiar faces also, most of them are from my Alma Mater, Pasig City Science High School. At about ten minutes before 8, we decided to buy popcorn or nachos or whatever. The line was so long that it took us more than ten minutes. My tita already texted that the movie's about to start,  so by the time we got our order, we literally ran to the cinema. Good thing we made it on time. Haha!

On to the movie.. Well, I confess that I am a bad seatmate when it comes to movies. I tend to react and talk and talk. Sorry. :))) I kept my eyes glued to the screen as the movie was on going. And giggling. :)))

The REAL Gamemakers of The Hunger Games made a superb job in the movie. They had the perfect cast, the best effects, amazing cinematography, appropriate lines, and everything else. Jennifer Lawrence really is the perfect Katniss. I've read the book a thousand times and the movie did not disappoint me. Other movie adaptations may find it hard to put everything in the movie, but THG has done it. Though you did not read the book, I can assure you that you can still understand the story.

Watching the movie in a cinema full of HG fanatics (like me) is one of the best parts of watching on a premiere. We had amazing reactions in every part of the movie. Especially in the part where Caesar Flickerman interviewed Peeta. '...because she came here with me.." :))) If you've read the book, or watched the movie, you know what I am talking about.

There's these things, also, that the movie established even without reading the book. Like, Katniss' love for Prim, the friendship of Cinna and Katniss, Haymitch's care for Katniss and Peeta, Haymitch's dependence on liquor, Effie's concern for  manners, the Career's demeaning nature, Cato's loath for Katniss, Seneca Crane's gamemaker abilities, President Snow's power, Gale's love for Katniss, and most especially, the connection between Peeta and Katniss. And a whole lot moooooore.

Also, if you have watched the movie, I know you have the feeling that you want to watch it all over again. I know so because this is exactly what I am feeling now. :D

I don't want to spoil more parts of the movie. Watch it yourself! Hahaha.

Happy Hunger Games!

-Rham <3
Sorry for the low quality photos. ;)

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