One Sunny Day

2:02 PM

(Dress with Hoodie from BNY, Watch from MINT, Gold Ring from SAUDI ARABIA, Shoes from PARISIAN)

Photos by Ellaine Royo

How long has it been since I last posted outfit photos? I dont remember anymore :))
The dress is actually my favorite. You will be surprised at what you can find in BNY. I have been wearing their clothes since I was 12. :)))) I have been wearing this dress over and over again because it's just so comfy Also, the design on the hoodie is just marvelous. :) The shoes are also my fave. Since I saw this in SM, I knew I had to buy it at once. It has been mine since..... two summers ago, I think? :)

 Wearing gray on a sunny day may be gloomy but, na-ah for me. The hotness of the weather matched the length of my dress. :)

That's all. Hello Summer! Bow.

- Rham <3

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