There will always be Pink.

1:37 AM

Why the title? You guess why. Haha!

What are you looking at missy?

Shades from Mint

Flats from Primadonna

Gaining pounds. See? See?

This photo is kinduuuuh...?

Photos by Ellaine Royo

(Top from Celine, Pants from Forever 21, Shades and Watch from Mint, Saudi Arabia brand ring, Shoes from Primadonna)

I love how the last two photos associate with the other. On to the outfit. If you do not actually know me personally, I don't think you could have guessed that pink is my favorite color. Somehow, I make it a point that I have something pink in what I am wearing. (But not all the time, okay?) AND, since we can all feel the summer heat (though I still have until March 23 for school), I wore that Celine top. It's been soooooo long since I last wore this. Mainly because today is only the day I have the guts to. :)))

While we were waiting for the Core meeting to start, I dragged my friends to take a photo with me. And it seemed they have talked about it all along.
Noah and Jamiel

(from left to right) Ian, Noah, Rham, Jamiel

Blue Top sider- Jamiel, Blue and Green? topsider(the new ones!)- Ian, Gray topsider- Noah, Pa-sweet Blue with pink flower shoes- Rham :))))

Brown ones are Pastor Timmy's. WHY AM I THE ODD ONE OUT? YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU'LL BE WEARING THIS. asdfghjkl :))

Today is a happy day :)

- Rham <3

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  1. such a cute outfit and lovely photos :)
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    XX JUNO ♥
    Visit Ohit'sJuno▲
    THANK YOU :))

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Why, thank you so much! Drop by often! :)

      Btw, you have a cute blog as well. :)Plug mine! :D


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