Candies On My Hair!

4:46 PM

Sunday is actually one of my busiest days. Aside from going to church in the morning, we also have meetings during the afternoon until evening. It was busier when I had trainings in church. Good thing that I graduated from that last year, which made me more free to catch up on thing needed to be done.
Last Sunday was one of those usual Sundays where I attended service in the morning, lunch, cell group meeting, and CORE group meeting. Ella and I proceeded to the second floor of Crossroads Youth Center, so we can have a new view. Unfortunately, the door leading to the "terrace" was locked so we had no choice but to shoot indoors. With no sun, but the temperature in there was woah. So sorry for the messiness and sweat I have acquired in the photos. :>

Also, I tried editing my outfit photos using Photoshop. It's the first time I tried editing it with PS, and I think it turned out pretty good. It also was more effective because of the indoor effect. :))

 One friend told me that when he saw me, he immediately thought of 'Princess and I'. Another one said that my hair has candies. Thus the title. Haha! My headband was actually a necklace. It got loose that I used it as a headband. Turned out cute. Except that I should watch out for my hair all the time. :D

Lara and I had matching tops that day. Hers was beige. Those tops were from Ate Baby (our discipler) and we agreed to wear it. :)) Too bad we didn't have time to take a photo of ourselves. :))

 My hair in a side bun was not particularly cooperating. Look at those loose ends. :|

Photos by Ellaine Royo

What I wore: Top from Ate Baby :))), Cardigan from Lee Pipes, Pants from St. Francis Square, Watch from Mint, Shoes from St. Francis Square, Clip from Goody, Nails c/o FabFeet Nail Salon

Ian said that what I wore was a bit simpler than the usual.... What do you think? TSG

- Rham <3

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