The Farmer's Daughter

3:25 PM

sorry for my messy hair. Got no time to fix it.

(Top from Bayo, Pants from Freeway, Sunglasses and Watch from Mint, Bracelet and Necklace from my Titas, Hat from my mom's closet, flats from Primadonna)

Typing through an on-screen keyboard, so this post will be very short.

It was Maundy Thursday when I wore this and was about to take off for the Women's Encounter. And yeah, I'm a bit darker than I actually am. I got sunburned from the swimming the previous day.

I chose wear my Bayo shirt because of my sunburn. It stinged my flesh. It's a good thing that it's peeling off now. Also, it's been so long since I last wore these pants. I cant believeho comfy it is over the months in the closet.

Typing from an on screen keyboard is quite tiring. Ugh.

Keep cool this summer. :)

- Rham <3

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