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7:26 PM

"Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." - 1 Corinthians 10:31

So I made a few changes to my blog. One of those is that I will be starting each blog post with a bible verse. Why? Because like what it says in the verse above, I am doing this for the glory of God. Not for my own. :)

On to this...

So before I actually thought of having a fashion blog, (I didn't know that there really was a fashion blog) I thought of making a food blog because, well, I am a self confessed foodie and also, I love taking photos of food. Obviously, I didn't make a food blog but have a fashion blog instead. Still, I could not just let these photos go to waste so here they are. These are some of the food photos that I took last year. :)

Beef Gyudon from Karate Kid. This one's my fave! :>
Pasta ala Lawrence from Buenisimo
Lasagna al Forno from Buenisimo. BEST. LASAGNA. EVER!!!!!!
Double Pepperoni pizza from Buenisimo again.

Manager's Choice from Shakey's
Four Cheese Pizza and Spaghetti from Chef 'd Angelo
Talabang Ilonggo from Marina
Tuna Bacon Cheesemelt from Pizza Hut
Nutting Hill and Pirates of the Cadbury-ean from Cerealicious :)))))
SpongeBob Birthday Cake by Goldilocks, from KFC
Marble Brownie Ala Mode from Shakeys
Believe me, I am getting hungrier and hungrier as I am doing this blog post. Arg. :)
All of the food I posted are really, really, I shall say it again, really good. So the next time you visit these restaurants, make sure to try these out. For the love of eating. Haha! TSG

- Rham <3

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