The Little Things

12:37 AM

Forgive me, for the absence. I know, it's summer and I was AWOL. I have been pretty busy preparing for something awesome coming up this April 21st.. If you are a Cell Group Leader or SOL 2 student from FPCP, you know what I'm talking about. :D

Though I have been busy planning for it, I was still able to my friends events and such. Like last Saturday, I was the host for the 18th birthday party of my classmate Klaris, or as we call her, Klang...

So these are just some of the photos from the event. Sorry for the blurry and stolen shots. Since I was the host, I did not have time to take photos myself. 


I told you, I have lots of stolen shots from that party. :D
With Zia, Klang (the debutante), and Shane

18 Treasures.

See that Blue dress of Shane? That was my gift to her for her 18th :)

Everything's so blurry...
What I wore: Dress and Gold bangle from GlamnFab Shoppe, Necklace from (I don't really know where it came from), Watch from Mint, Belt from Terranova. Heels from Figlia

I am excited for the things that are about to happen these next days... :D

Oh, and why  the title, you ask? Well, I have this LSS from this song since last night. I miss singing her songs!

That's all. Bow. TSG

- Rham <3

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