My ZALORA Wishlist

12:22 PM

Online shopping has never been this good with Zalora, where you can get your order in just a few hours! Awesome! :>

So what's my Top 5 Zalora wishlist?

Charina Sarte Joanna Jumpsuit
Chic Yamada Cape Dress Leopard Print
Peace Love Fashion Locks Goldie Blazer
TOMS Cordones Black Sequins
Wade Platform Pumps
 I chose these five items from Zalora for five different reasons.
1. My color palette for this year includes gold, black, and red.
2. These five items are must haves to one fashionista girl's closet.
3. I have always wanted to have amazing red shoes.
4. I am loving sequined items.
5. All these will be very functional to me for I go to lots of events everyday. I may be in uniform in school but I make it a point to amp it up when I change into my usual get up.

So there you have it. What's your Top 5 from Zalora? Let me know. :) TSG

Check out their site!

- Rham <3

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