Unplanned Trips are the Best Ones Part 1

5:36 PM

Last Thursday, my HS friends and I went to Tanay for a swim. We've been planning this for weeks and this trip was really not on the plan. We were just informed a few days from the trip itself and voila. There we were on the road. Luchelle's family actually just squeezed us in (para lang matuloy na! :D) and we had absolute fun under the sun.

The resort we went to was Momarco Resort, deep in the heart of Tanay. We had a winding journey on the way there. The resort is really beautiful. Dont believe me? See for yourself. Haha! Another good thing about our trip was that there were only a few people so we got to enjoy the pools, the view, all to ourselves. They also had a very nice view. There were trees everywhere and I got to rest my eyes from all the radiation that I have been getting. Check out their site if you want to go there as well :) If you want to swim during the nighttime, they also have rooms, gazebos, and everything else. It's also perfect for an outing for companies and such. See their site here.

Wanted to climb the tree higher, kaya lang di pwede. :D
Photos from Kathrine Alapar and Luchelle Punzalan

What I wore: Swimsuit from Triumph, Sundress from Landmark, Sunglasses from SM Accessories, Nails c/o Fabfeet Salon

Water photos tomorrow.. :D TSG

- Rham <3

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