Unplanned Trips are the Best Ones Part 2

11:52 AM

Kyla, KC, Ayra, Rham :D
Ayra, Luchelle, Rham :D
Sexy back. Lol
Sunbathing in the shade... ;)))
Momarco Resort should pay me for advertising their pool! Lol. Joke. :))
This was the main reason of my tan marks. Not because I 'over-swam' but because I stayed out in the sun the most just for the photos. Gaaah!

Photos from Luchelle Punzalan and Kathrine Alapar

Just like what I promised yesterday, here are the 'water' photos. :D
I said everything in my blogpost yesterday. I'm speechless.
Well, I do hope to get back with my friends in Momarco Resort. Soon! TSG

- Rham <3

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