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"There are persons for companionship, but then there are friends who are more loyal than family." - Proverbs 18:24

Hello again! :)
I thought that it was about time that you guys meet my best friend.
*Drumrolls* Meet, Gellene Cruz De Castro! Yeeey!

Gellene and I have been best friends since the first day of our high school. Hahaha. I don't know how it happened. It just did. Lol. (Hi, Gellene! :D)
Though we're almost 3rd yr college now and are in different schools, we still make it a point to see each other. It's also easier when we have classes because our schools are just two rides away from each other.  Oh, the title's our tag line. "BFFABT = Best Friends Forever And Beyond That". Yeah, we're loyal like that. >:)

On to the outfit...
I don't know what I am trying to achieve with this. Hahaha. I didn't want to be too sweet and demure with my dress, hence the booties. :))

Also, I just found out last Monday that the bag is from Heartstring, not Cose. All those times I have used this, I thought it was from Cose. :|

I decided to no longer put the brands of the things I'm wearing. If you want to know, you can ask me thru Twitter or comment below. Or, in Lookbook. Why? I just like it that way. Fashion is not about the brands you wear, but on how you wear the garment. TSG

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