Heartbreak Police

11:20 PM

Hi. :)))
I've been gone missing, I know. Sorry for that. Still, thank you to everyone who's dropping by to see if I have posted anything new yet. Thank you also for those asking me if I have posted anything. I am going miles because of my readers. Thank you! :)

On to my post.
Disclaimer: Photos are not in its best qualities. I had these photos taken at night so I didn't have the opportunity of posing under the sunlight. And it was also raining that day, so I really had no choice. :)

Say hello to the fat face of mine. :D

(Top from Genevieve Gozum, Skirt from Forever 21, Tassle Earrings and Gold Bangles from GlamnFab Shoppe, Watch from Mint, Heels from Figlia)

Since classes are fast approaching, I promise that I will do my best to post more often. I will savor up the remaining days of my summer vacation, and I will do my best to keep this fresh and fun. ;)

Again, thank you everyone! :>

- Rham <3

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