Sophie's Mom Got Sweets!

7:07 PM

I was craving for cupcakes since my elementary classmate had it as giveaways for her debut. Since then, I was actually looking for yummy cupcakes and voila! I saw Sophie's Mom's stall in Megamall. Wiee!

So who is Sophie's Mom? I don't know her personally, actually. (But I would love to meet her!) All I know is that her first daughter is named Sophie. :> I just found that out on their site here

What actually drew me to their stall was their super cute stall. It was like I had a peek of my childhood where my mom would bake me cookies and all that. That was their vibe. :))

Before hitting their stall or shop, better make sure that you have prepared your sweet tooth. ;)

On to their goodies.

I think that their best seller is the Red Velvet Cupcakes.

When I was choosing which cupcakes to buy, other customers were buying red velvet. It is also my favorite so yeah, I bought that.I was feeling a little grumpy when we were in Megamall because I was really tired from enrolling and the walking and all that. But when I took a bite of that particular cupcake, gaah! I can tell that I tasted heaven. Lol, just kidding. But it was really that good. :)

Here are some of their goodies. ;))))
Tres Leches with Strawberry, Red Velvet Cookies, etc etc...

 And all the others that I do not know which is which. They're just so good! Believe me.

This one's the Chocolate Vegan. For all those who are in a diet but want to indulge in some sweets, I encourage you to try this. :)

And of course, the Nutella Mochi. I would not forget this. The moment these babies touched my mouth, my whole life flashed before my eyes.... Haha! I may sound OA and all that but it really is good. It's fluffy and yummy and .... I ran out of words to describe this. :))
 I had my best friend try this last week and I swear I saw her face light up. It was like Caroline Channing, biting the beer-battered cupcake of Max. (Two Broke Girls fans out there you know what I'm talking about)

Sophie's Mom also have Mochi Ice Cream! Yuuum! I don't have a photo of that yet but I'm sure that it will taste just as good as all the others. :>

And the best part of it? Sweets at an Affordable Price. Yummy cupcakes at P50? Who could argue with that?! I mean come on! You get up right now and head to the nearest Sophie's Mom Shop. That would either be in Megamall or in their shop in Makati.

To Sophie's Mom, if you're reading this, I will come back for more! :) TSG

- Rham

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