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"But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner." - 1 Corinthians 14:40

Before my summer vacation started, I told myself (and a few friends and relatives) that I will clean, detoxify, and redecorate my room. Last Tuesday, I realized that I have done nothing of what I said. Come Wednesday night, (while I was watching American Idol) I planned on what I would do to the room. So, practically I cleaned JUST my room the whole May 24, 2012. Whew. It was not easy, believe me! :>

I'm not going to show you what happened to the whole room, but I will show pictures of one corner of my room that had gone detoxification and redecoration... Actually, that corner's just for my accessories and other stuff but I was really impressed of what I did that I took tons of photos. Mom, if you're reading this, this is it! Hahaha.

I forgot to take a 'before' picture, but what actually changed on that corner, well pretty much everything.
The necklaces weren't placed there before. All of it were in just two hooks at the farther side of the room. I moved everything there so that it will be easier to get.

I used push pins to hang my necklaces. Good thing I remembered that I have some. Clever, eh?
Aside from the push pin, I also used a ribbon to hang my dangling earrings. Yey! Everything is easier to get now.

Back when I was in elementary, I used to have more earrings than any other accessory. I loved earrings and I wore them everyday to school. I had different pairs for each day. I don't know what happened to my earrings. *Sigh
(The comb lost a tooth! :( )

Don't ask me why my prom photo is there. Hahaha. Just focus on my alarm clock. That will surely wake you up. My mom bought it for me so that I will wake up on time. The problem is, I wake up then go back to sleep. Old habits die hard,  you know. ;)

Ta-daaaa! My sunglasses. And one reading glass. :)) Most of them are from SM Accessories. Usually, I go out with a pair. As long as it's sunny. :>

Another photo there. Hahaha. Focus on the clock, okay?

My rings and earrings(that I don't use so much)

Tweety Bird is not an earring. Hahaha. He just found it comfortable with the earrings so I settled it there. :)

Ze  bracelets and bangles and etc. Sorted out by color. :)

Le Watches. ;)

Safety Pins. Everytime I need one, I can't find them. So now, I tossed every thing to one container so I don't lose it. 

Hairology.(L-R) Spray Net; Brushes, Combs, The sick comb. Lol; Head bands
Those inside the pink box are hairpins and hair curlers. The box was a gift from Ate Rea. :)

The little somethings on top of the necklaces. I didn't get to take a photo of the final outcome but I added a few more to the wall.

And whilst I was cleaning the room, I found some small things that brought back a lot of memories. Hihi. :))


My old pass book for Banco Filipino. I was Grade 1 or 2? when I had this.  Happy Savers Club was for the little ones. So yeah, I had it. :D


 As seen on photo, PROM PLANS of Rham, Noah, Ham. :)))
 We were in Megamall when we planned everything and I forced them that we should put it in writing for it to be official. Good times, good times. :)

So how did our Prom turn out? Ta-daaa!

According to the paper, Noah should go to Jamiel's house first before going to mine. Then we will stay for a while to put on our contact lenses. (Noah and I had no idea in this field so Jamiel had to put it on us. Hahaha. We were so youuunng.) However,  Noah said he would fetch me first then we'll go to Ham's. K. Despite of that, we all enjoyed our Prom. ;)


The first cookie recipe I had. :>


Our Grad Song. Nothing Will Ever Change. Pasig City Science High School Batch 2010

By now, you could have guessed what my favorite color is... It's Black. Kidding! Of course it's pink! The whole room's full of it. :))

So that ends my post. I didn't bother taking photos of myself because... you would not recognize me. Redecorating even just a corner was a tough job. Plus, I have allergy to contend with so after this whole day, I was really impressed because it was the first time I cleaned the room for one whole day. And thanks be to God, without His strength I would not have finished all of it. (Philippians 4:13) TSG

- Rham <3

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