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Bloggers United 3! :)
Need I say anything more?

Oh, that. Prepare to see my fat face for some of the photos. I still had my braid that time so.... :)

 With Ate Danika Rio Navarro of Hello Rio :) (She's also the one who gave me tickets that's why I got to come without pay. Haha! Thank you Ate!!)

 Holding one of the shoes designed by Ate Dan. Isn't it a beauty? I can't buy one so I just had to take a photo with it :))

With one of the nicest guy I met in BU3, David Guison of DG MNL 

 Ta-daaa! With THE Divine M. Lee. Super nice. Super beautiful. Super tall. Super hot. Super becky. Hahaha! :)) That's why I love her! :D

 With Victor Basa :)) (He was looking for 'Div' when I came across him. Haha.)

With the super pretty Camille Co of Camille Tries To Blog :)))))

With another super pretty  Verniece Enciso :) 

I was competitive and kept joining the contests prepared by the BU Team. And I won two! Here's one of them :)) 

And another.. With Robbie at the back. Haha! 

With one of the BU Team and the host (a good one), Ate Melai  of Style and Soul

Another one with Laureen and Patricia :) 

 With the pretty, Vern Enciso of A Shoetale :)))

With the sisters Verniece and Vern Enciso :) (Mejo nahiya lang ako, ako pa talaga sa gitna :D

With the scene stealer herself, Lissa Kahayon :)

I didn't have photos with anyone else, I believe. :)) But if you have one of me, tweet it to me please! Thanks :)
Saw some familiar faces from school too. Hihi. TSG

Photos from and by Princess Isalyn Soriano

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