Swept Away

12:00 PM

 Here's what I wore to the Bloggers United 3 :)

There! :) Actually, I was wearing my hair in a braid at first, but after some time, my bangs kept on falling so when we went out to eat, I pulled it all out. Figures that it was actually better. Wished I didn't put it in braids after all. I looked fat in the other photos. Aaaah! My cheeks.

Random, I know. Sorry. Anyway, on to what I wore.
I had the top for quite some time now. And this is only the second time that I wore it. I don't know why I didn't give it away before, which is a good thing because I had something decent to wear for #BU3 :))
The skirt was given to me recently. I had been meaning to wear it but it seems that I can't find the perfect time to do it. And I believe that Bloggers United 3 was the one. :) Also, since mullet skirts are all the rage now, ha-ha. I D-I-Yed mine to make it look like one. I'm not sure if I have achieved what I was going for. :)))
The belt was another one from my dress from Petit Monde and used it to cinch my waist, also to break the bold colors of the top and skirt.

And... THE Divine Lee liked my outfit. Aaaaahhh! :))) You could just imagine my glee after she said that to me. She is super nice, probably the nicest I have met that day. :>

So, if you may have noticed, I was wearing my heels. And after the long day, note to self: Never wear these pair to Bloggers United again, ever.
I brought flops with me because I know I will tire from all the walking and shopping that day will bring, and I brought it for safety measures. I'm glad I did, because my feet were sore and aching so bad when I got home, I had to rest it for a while and not wear any heeled shoewear for the rest of the week. So for now, I'm all on flats. :)

At past 7, Isay and I went back to Ayala and headed to Moonleaf. To rest for a while before going home.
All the photos are hers, btw. Ain't it gorgeous? :)

Oh! And why is it swept away? Well, practically, the wind was blowing all of me that night, so you coud see all the mess my hair was in. Haha! And I was also swept away by the exhaustion.. :D But I had fun! Really! I'm so happy I brought Isay with me. <3

That's it. I blabbed too much. Photos with the bloggers tomorrow. :) TSG

Photos by and from Princess Isalyn Soriano

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