9:44 PM

Gypsy with a question mark. :)

 Yes, pa-cute dapat. :)))

Photos by Divine Salandanan (HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUZ!!!)

Again, FORGIVE ME for being absent in the blogging world. I had a lot of things going on, school, work, family, etc etc etc. So, yeah, I didn't have time to take photos. AND, being back in school means back in my uniform days.

When I was walking out the door to do my usual Sunday getaways, I thought if I looked like a gypsy or a Greek lady. What do you think? Which is which?

The skirt, btw, is another one of my mom's possessions that I keep on wearing. Mom, I told you, wala ka nang damit, lahat sinuot ko na!:)) Paired it with my white shirt to keep it simple and my glads. Still keeping my feet off the high-heeled shoes. Yes. :)

I missed blogging.
AND, one more thing! Please do me a favor and greet my professional photographer slash cousin, Divine Salandanan! It's her birthday today. Yey! Tweet her here. MANY THANKS! xo TSG

- Rham :)

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