July Ender

11:35 PM

Holla! I realized that I have not shared anything from my phone yet... So, here you go. I really want to share my life as much as possible, and the little things I do everyday. Here you go. :)

Disclaimer: Since these photos are in my phone, all of them are not in its best qualities.

Some Friends
(1) Mini reunion with my Samster friends. Yes, you read that right. :p
(2) At Uniqlo, with Ate Madz at the background :))

(3) Nikki and the Jansport bags of BSPSY3B (4) Nikki signing on the tribute for Mang Dolphy in Megamall (5) Nikki's score on the videoke last Saturday when we celebrated her birthday :))

 Okay, I dont know why the photo is there again. Fail. :/ Anyway.
 (6) Me and all the food we had for my Lolo's 75th bithday
(7) Pooh! :D
(8) Aj taking a pciture of herself. How cute. :)))

(9) Memes on the windowsill. Cool!
(10) My fab friend, Shane striking a pose before her turn to report :D
(11) With the little boy I took care of during our NSTP last semester ;)

(12) My J.Co Doughnuts
(13) Breakfast at Starbucks, Ultimate Grilled Cheese + Mocha
(14) Auntie Anne's Pretzels and Chatime Pearl Milk Tea
(15) Cupcakes by Sonja :D

I hope I would be able to do this every month. Sigh.
Have a great August everyone! TSG

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