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Hello, hello! :)

(Photo from and by Nikki Mayor)

If you are following me on Twitter, you may have remembered me tweeting about me being a 'Brand Ambassador' of a particular network. Well, now's the time that I'm spilling the beans to all of you. :) Ready? Ready?

I have been chosen to be one of the brand ambassadors of....


For the benefit of those who do not know what Zalora is, let me enlighten you.

Zalora is an online shopping network based here in the Philippines. They opened for business officially just this year and has proved itself worthy of the eyes of the Philippine fashion industry.

What sets apart Zalora from other online shopping destinations, is that Zalora carries different and over 10,000 brands like 101 New YorkCrocsDolce & GabbanaEspritFolded & HungGuessHavaianasPlains & PrintsPunchdrunk PandaStoked IncThe Little Things She Needs, and many, many, many others.

Now, now. Some of you may be freaking out already because I mentioned some brands that are known  to be quite expensive, but don't you worry! As I said, Zalora has a lot of brands that you can choose from. And not just that! They also have discounts for some of the items, you just got to keep your eyes open for them. :)

Oh, and have you seen this?

✓ Yes, 30 Days Return
FREE Shipping NATIONWIDE (!!!!) Who isn't happy for this?!
✓ Same day delivery. In just a few hours, your order is at your doorstep! Awesome!
✓ Cash on Delivery. Some just accept credit cards.

Are you still not going to try it? Come on!

Oh, before I forget. As Zalora's Brand Ambassador, my readers have been privileged to get a 5% discount on items under my voucher code with a minimum purchase of P500.00. Sweet, right?
Voucher Code: RhamMarco0

I hope that by now, I have convinced you of the awesomeness Zalora exudes.
If not, go visit them yourself at
Also, follow them on Twitter: @zaloraph
And like their page on Facebook:

Spread the word! :) TSG

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