Casual Comfort 1

10:03 PM

Another backlagged post of mine. Cool. I'm having backlagged posts. Awesome :)))
Anyway, let us drift away to the random thoughts of mine and divert our attention to this outfit post. 
(What is happening to me?! :D)

Okay. Back to my regular mind. Last August 12, I took a little trip to Novaliches to visit my Aunt and her family for her son's birthday. Since I know for a fact that Novaliches is very far to my home, I decided to wear the most comfortable pieces I can find as of the moment. (Our street and house was still flooded at that time so you could have guessed why I have limited choices.) Also, I was also glad that the sun is up that day. Yey for the sun!! 

You may be wondering, why Casual Comfort '1'.
Actually, I have another outfit post that is very casual and comfy for me, thus the 1. :)


Photographed by: Divine Salandanan

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