Make it Work

8:32 PM

Hullo. :)

This post had been held back because of the floods so forgive me if I was out for a while. No worries, because I have drafted other outfit posts so that if ever I won't be able to post, at least I have some back up.

Anyway, you know how sometimes you just throw on clothes on yourself and hope that it all works? Well, it happened to me again last August 4, when my family went to Laguna for a little reunion with the other relatives. I have not planned what to wear the night before, so the dilemma dawned on me. Still, I'm glad it did work! :)

 Stairway to heaven... Lol.

 This photo is hilarious :))))))))


This top of mine is little bit too overused. Haha! It's actually one of my great finds from Mint during one sale. I first wore it to my friend's debut, then to an event of my school, then numerous times after that. And here's an addition to that. I just love it that much! :)


Look at little Aj! Aaaahhh! Fashion blogger pose. :))

Ciao! TSG

Photos by Divine Salandanan

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