My Zalora Top 5 (August)

12:31 AM

Have you seen the brand ambassadors' page in Zalora? It's up! Check it out! :)

Anyhoo. I don't know about you guys but once in a while, I do window shop online. Did I make sense there? Haha! I do love picking out clothes that are sold online and of course one of those sites is Zalora.

From now on, I will be posting my Top 5 picks of the month from Zalora. With its over 10,000 brands, I'm sure that I would always find something that I would really dig.

For August, ta-daaa! (I love saying that. Talk about a grand entrance. Haha!)

 I've been eyeing this certain piece ever since I saw it. If  you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you may remember me mentioning that I have a thing for long dresses. They make me look taller than I already am. Who doesn't want that, right? What also caught my attention with this is the design itself. I'm into grungy/edgy + sweet style and I think this would make the cut. This dress is <3 .="." p="p">

 If it's not a long dress, it's a skirt. You're such a girl, Rham. Lol. Anyway. This skirt is gorgeous! High waist + mullet + Galaxy print. Oh come on, why wouldn't you buy this. :D

This belt would be great to cinch your waist in a stylish way, right? I really want to buy this. Perfect for my black chiffon skirt. Hmm. ;)

Since my mom sent me a gold charm bracelet/watch, I've been loving gold more and more. And this specific watch adds up to my list. It's classy and elegant, one that would make you want to look at the time more. :)

Ha! You might've thought I forgot something, eh? Of course not! My daily style rant: There will always be pink. And here it is! A pink watch from Axis. On days that you feel too lazy to dress up, just this simple timekeeper will keep you stylish. And I really like its gummy pink color. :D

So those are my Top 5 from Zalora for August! I hope I helped you with your shopping. Til my next Top 5! TSG

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