Take A Look At Me Now

10:30 PM

Okay. I know I said that I have a lot of drafted posts but unfortunately, I was not able to post it because these last weeks of August had been pretty rough. Actually, it's not over yet because I still have loads of things to do for school and work. My school comes first before this blog, right? :))

Enough of my rants. :) Here's what I wore to my friend's 18th birthday party that was very short-noticed. Haha! Still, I had a good time with my friends though we only had a few hours with each other.

Would you believe that most of what I'm wearing here's from The Landmark (Layered Top, Belt, Mullet Skirt)? And it only costed me less than P700.  Amazing! 

Special thanks to Isay for helping me shop. Haha! She was the one who picked the top, mind you, And I love it! I can already see myself overusing it. :))

As I type, the song 'Take A Look At Me Now' by Greyson Chance is playing, thus the title. TSG

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