Be Derek's New Anna!

9:42 AM

Hey guys!
Remember this video that went viral over the internet for months because of this teen boy confessing his admiration to a certain girl, Anna? Who didn't catch LSS after hearing it for so many times? Haha! And now, after quite some time, ANNA BANANA replied! What did she say? Watch:

Aww. Heartbreaking!! Gah. Although, I must commend Anna for the effort. I never thought of turning down on boys by singing it. Haha. Still, I think Derek deserves someone else! Don't you think so?

 So, after knowing Anna's answer, who else would have come to Derek's aid? His family, of course! Just as how they have supported him in the first song. :)

Heartbreak is one common issue for teenagers. The best way to cure one is that, he should always be surrounded by friends or family who will affirm you. (At talagang nag advice na si ate. Hahaha)

And what do I have to say to Anna Banana's message to Derek? I thought that it's a bit harsh for the guy. He poured his heart out in that video and he was also dumped on the same media. Yes, she's pretty and all that, but I won't think of rejecting a guy that way. Being a Psychology student, I know the effects of teenage heartbreak. It may either be Derek ends up not finding a new girl because of the fear that he will be rejected again OR he will be the one to break hearts OR he will wait until he finds the right girl for him. I hope the last one happens. Haha!

I'm sure you also want to help Derek in ways you think you can. 

To all the young ladies out there, ages 12-16, you can help Derek by being the new ANNA!
Visit and submit a video of yourself stating why you should be Derek's new Anna. If the odds are in our favor and you win to be the new Anna, you will be part of the new PLDT myDSL Commercial and take home a brand new Samsung UltraBook.

To Derek, you don't have to rush in finding the right love for you. (Ang drama ni ate. Haha!) Believe me, when you find the right one, you will say, 'It's worth the wait.' :)

Okay. Some of you might think I already found the one for me. Haha! No. I'm still waiting myself. Not for the guy, but for the right time to have a relationship. I believe when that time comes, the right guy won't be hard to find. :)

Just because you've been dumped, been cheated on, was taken for granted, and for all the many reasons you do not believe in love anymore, you still should. Even if your special someone doesn't feel the same way, you still have your family and friends that love you. And most of all, GOD is there, and not once did He feel not loving you. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 TSG

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