Dancing On My Own

1:24 AM

How should one start in blog posts?
Hahaha. I mean, really. All those times, I end up with the usual hellos and hi's, just because I can't think of anything good enough to start a post with.

So! Since I bugged you all out of thinking the same thought that racked my mind, somehow I managed to come up with a 'sensible' intro, don't you think so? Ha! Me and my random thoughts. :)

Okay. I think I might be apologizing again for my amazing lack of posts this September. Yeah. Sorry for that. Let me break down to you what I did that kept me so busy.

September 4-8 morning - Midterm Exams Week (So, NO blog posts, NO too much tweeting and FB. in short, no social life. Lol)
September 8 afternoon - SP Primer Seminar at CEU.
September 8 evening - Unlimited cakes at Cravings + Bonding with friends
September 9 - Malling.
September 10 - House clean up + Bought new sofa
September 12 - Watched the premiere screening of Resident Evil: Retribution
September 13 - Bench Universe :)
September 14 - Manicure then went home straight
September 15 lunch and after lunch - Birthday celeb with college friends
September 15 afternoon to evening - Movie date with HS friends
September 16 - Happy Birthday! :D
September 16 morning - Church.
September 16 after lunch - Grocery
September 16 afternoon - Met an accident. Yes. I still have the wound to prove it. ;)
September 16 evening onwards - Birthday celeb with the family and a few close friends :)
September 17 - Had fever, sore throat, and bad colds. :(
September 18 - MAROON 5 Concert :D :D

SEE? I told you I'm loaded. I ended it with the concert because I thought that it would be my last happy day because I still have lots of school work waiting. Yet, The Perks of Being A Wallflower is showing on the 26th, so I guess I'm not done after all. :))

I think I said too much already. On to what this post is really about: outfit.
This was taken last September 15, my birthday celebration with my college friends :)

Rocking my high ponytail. I'm always in ponytails when I'm in school, or at home, or any where else practically. If you haven't seen me in a ponytail in person, then that would be a first. Haha! And I don't mind if my ears are sticking out. I'm happy they're that way. :)

  Something new isn't it? I'm wearing something neon! Awesome! :) I just thought I'd break out of the monochromatic side of me since it's my birthday :)

 Gold nails and gold charm watch :) I love gold. 

Awkward. I look short in this photo. Why!!

As some of you may have noticed, I looked like I just stepped out of dance practice and went strolling. Haha. Nah. Well, actually, I miss dancing. And I have this song stuck in my mind because I love dancing (even on my own) and I love Pixie Lott's voice and GD's and Top's rapping in this song, I leave you this as the titler of my post :) TSG

P.S. Did I talk too much in this post? I just missed doing this. :)

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