Feel So Close

6:47 AM

First, sorry for not updating for a looooong time. I had a couple of busy weeks, Midterm Week and Birthday Week. :D yes my birthday week was busy. Went to movie screenings here and there, Bench Univese, and other Birthday celebs. I also wanted to focus on studying so I didnt do any outfit post on my midterm week. :))) being a student + fashion blogger is hard. :)

Anyhoo. Yes. Happy Birthday to ME!!! 
Every year, I look forward to my day, but now... I don't know. I'm just not that into it anymore. 
Still, I'm glad that I reached 19. Amazing, yes.

I wore these when Shane and I tried the Unlimited Cakes at Cravings. Delicioso! :)

That top is a comeback. Wore it also on Hunger Games premiere here.

I've been singing this "Feel So Close" for two weeks now. And I love Nelly Furtdao's cover. I'm leaving this to you and you'll get LSS as well. :))

More posts soon. TSG

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