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"INTELLECT is a magnitude of INTENSITY, not a magnitude of extensity." - Schopenhauer

Here's the post I promised regarding Penshoppe's Spring/Summer Collection 2013 Fashion Show entitled: Intensity for Philippine Fashion Week last October 28 at SMX Convention Center with my cousin Divine and Isay. I won't blab so  much because I don't know if there's anything for me to say. Haha!

Okay, maybe there are some things that I would want to say about the show. First, I love their collection! Yes! Specially their first looks. I spotted some pieces that I'm already planning on buying once they release it:the sequined tops. Super love. :) And their other clothes are full of color. Guess we're not yet over neon fever.

After the show:

Too bad you can't see how metallic my dress is. :D

Me. Awkward Me. Ang dami kasing camera! Nahiya bigla. :D
 Justin's Fedora from SM Accessories; Gray Metallic Dress from Metro; Tights from Landmark; Bag from Coach; Bangles from GlamnFab Shoppe; Mustache Ring from Forever 21; Shoes, thrifted

Remember when I told you guys that I like Jenny Humphrey's style in my post here? I don't think I achieved it, though. :D

Walking around the crowd. Too many people.

Refreshments were sponsored by Big Chill After Dark. Here I am enjoying my watermelon smoothie :)

Went dark all the way because I can't see any other color (of mine) working with my metallic dress but black, gray, and white. I also love this dress because it made me look slimmer. Hahaha. talk about instant thinning. :)))

If you  would ask me to count how the gray pieces I have in my wardrobe, let's just say I can go for a month wearing that same color. Fifty shades. Lol.

With my Fashion Week buddies! Divine and Isay. Yes, these are the people who take most of my photos. ;)
Photos from and by Isalyn Soriano

You know, I was hoping that Mario Maurer would appear on the runway all of a sudden, but sadly, he didn't. :( I realized that all of Penshoppe's endorsers are from outside countries. That's why Penshoppe didn't have a guest for their show, plus, their Fan Con just concluded this September so, you get why. Still, I can't wait for their collab with One Direction. :))))) I missed Ed Westwick, Ian Somerhalder, and Leighton Meester (not a big fan of Zac Efron.) when they were here, I will certainly not going to miss 1D. ;) TSG 

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