Paper Towns

3:18 AM

I finished reading the book "Paper Towns" by John Green three days ago and I love it! I don't know why I do, but I find myself constantly thinking about it, about Margo, Quentin, and everything that has happened in that book.

Anyhoo. I also went out of town, to Quezon to be precise, with the family for my great grandmother's 100th birthday. Cool, right? So, I took advantage of our surroundings and took lots of photos. My great grandma's house is one of my favorite places to go to because I've been going there since I was little. I always look forward to that time of the year that we will go. Everything is so serene. I need not worry about anything. All I have to do while I'm there is to relax. And so I did. I also planned on starting to read 'Paper Towns' there.
Our small town is not a paper town by definition, but by Margo's interpretation, it kind of is. As Quentin Jacobsen said, "The town was paper, but the memories were not."

I'm thinking of putting book reviews in this blog as well because... if you do not know yet, I love reading books. I'm a big reader, so I thought it would be nice to do. Let me know if you think this is a good idea. :)

This post will contain a lot of photos. I found serenity (not sereni-tea) by the river. :)))

Photo diary:

We left at 4AM, and I had no sleep. None at all. This is what I wore first on our way.

CEU-MKT Psych Jacket, Shorts from Divi, Sunnies from Forever 21,

Say hello to the hanging bridge! :))

"Jen(Paris Hilton's Best Friend): What are you doing?!
Paris: Chillin'. ;)"
 Lola's party is not until Lunch so I changed to my purple clothes (because all family members are required to wear purple. Family tradition, I guess.)

And! It was my first time to buy a polo for myself. Most of what I have was just given to me. So last Friday, since I have an amazing lack of purple clothing, I headed to Megamall for their sale and I managed to find this polo from FG. It was originally sold for 899.95, but I got it for only 275.00. Score! Haha! I love sales. :)))

Enough of me talking. Here are the outfit photos.

Polo- FG; White Tank Top- Jockey; Shorts- Divi

Yeah, I only changed my top and added accessories.

Favorite shot!

Mustache Ring- Forever 21, Pink Studded Ring and Charm Watch- Saudi Arabia; Vintage Belt- From Mom's closet; Brown and Black Bracelet- Gifted; Green band- Mom's

Exchanged sunnies with my cousin. This one's from Vans :)

Ze mountain is behind me!

On our way to the river. Here comes my favorite moments.

I used to bathe in this river when I was little ;) It's still clean. :D

I was really tempted to run back to the house, grab my book and read here for hours without anyone bothering me. Haha! I did not do it, though. Still I managed to relax for a few precious moments. :)

Photographed by Divine Salandanan

I missed the internet while there, though. Haha!
And I'm glad I shared to you one of my favorite places. Til the next. TSG

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