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Hi :)
I'll skip the part where I'll say sorry for being out so long. Let me share with you what went down on the last day of my first semester, which was last Saturday (101312).

Did a play as a final exam for our Rizal class. Noli Me Tangere, we had a great of 1.0. Yey! Actually, it was Chris and Lhex who got us that grade. Still, yey! :)) (Photos from Vira Cerenio)

Di kami complete jan :( Umuwi na yung iba. Excited mag sembreak. Putol din ako. Haha! With our  Rizal prof and adviser, Sir Julius. :)

(From L-R) Chris as Donya Victorina/Director, Shane as the help, Mardion as Pedro, I as a Guardia Civil/Asst. Director, Klarissa as Tinyente Guevarra.

Dressed up like this because I have a line, a word, actually. Haha! (outfit repeater. :| Almost same outfit here )

Our first semester days are officially over soooo, my friends and I headed to Megamall to celebrate a bit. We just ate and walked around the mall for a long time, and stayed in Powerbooks the longest. :))

Waiting for my order

With Justin

Nikki, Shane, Michelle

All of us. Yey for friends! :)
 More photos in my facebook

Later that night, some of my blockmates and I went to Palladium for a real celebration of our last day. :) (Photos from Jem Legamia)
With Shane. (Same top used here)

All of us. :D

Girls :)

With Shane again :)
Since it's already my sembreak, I hope that I'll be able to post MORE. I have to make up for my lack of posts last September. :)

Til next time. xx TSG

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