Zalora Focus: Collective.Com

1:32 PM

Have you been to Zalora lately? I was just there browsing for gift ideas this Christmas when I came across the brands tab and clicked Collective.Com. And I love a lot of clothes there! I think you will too. Let me show you some.

I've been loving long sleeves nowadays. And prints of course. Maybe it's because I'm nearing the industrial world of my career. :))

Love the sequined parts of the shirt! And it's pink! Yey! It's meant for me! :))

This shirt screams "RHAM" all over the place. Seriously.Buying this right now.

You know that what I wear are mostly monochromatic colors. I have never tried color blocking before but I would love to try it with this blouse. :)

Another blouse that I'm loving. Wiieee

Long sleeves again. Mehe. I told you guys I like wearing long sleeves nowadays. And in floral print, too!

Who says blazers can't be fun? This one will change your whole look.Just pair it with the right shirt and bottoms and you're good to go. :)

Super love the vintage print of #9. And I always wanted to go to Paris, which explains why I chose #10 as well. ;)

Because I'm starting to like the color mustard yellow. But I haven't tried it for myself yet, as I've said earlier. These pants would be perfect for my wardrobe. :)

A liitle black dress is a must have for every girl. It has so many uses.

And Collective.Com's latest release- printed pants! Loooove! You know, I was always on the lookout for floral pants because it's just so pretty to wear, but I think these pants have the same effect. I love wearing pants, so these are just perfect. And it's only for 895.00!?!?! Come on, this is an awesome deal!

So, are you loving Collective.Com's clothes now as much as I do? I hope so. And all these are available in Zalora! Check them out now and you can have a discount upon checkout! Just type RhamMarco0 in the voucher code and enjoy a well-deserved discount.


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