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Hey y'all! Second semester started and I have spent my last days of break in a series marathon and some books, thus the absence in my blog. But I'm here now! So, I'm giving you some of the stuff you may want to check out: new books, cool songs, etc. All of these involves my interests aside from fashion: books, music, TV series, movies. Top 3 for each category. I'm a freaking hobbyist. :)

I'm not sure if you're read some of these, but I'm certain book lovers like me may be interested in these stories.

1. EVERY DAY by David Levithan

   I just finished reading this, a few minutes before I started doing this post. Aaannnd, out of all the 33 books I've read so far this year, this would probably be my favorite. I don't usually go for love stories unless they're tragedies or there is some kind of inevitable twist in it. This one had its own load of fiction and impossibility, but not the sense of another vampire story, or an angel fallen, demigods, or whatsoever. It is love in its usual sense but not at all if you're in a different body every single day. Levithan wrote in such a way that many of us may understand, or want to know for ourselves. I've lost myself in this book so much I want to quote the whole thing. (I almost did, with my tweets.) There are a lot of unanswered questions, but Levithan stayed on the story and not on the details. Tears left my eyes so much in this story. (Though, this is not a surprise, this always happens to me because I'm such a sucker for tragedies like this.) I really hope you find time to read this as well and find that it is very well written and thought of, and the story will tug at your heart.

2. PAPER TOWNS by John Green

I only discovered John Green and his works when I read "The Fault in our Stars" earlier this year. It had such great content that made me cry so much (another tragedy, I know) that I found myself reading and looking for all his books. I read "Looking for Alaska" (which I thought I wouldn't cry but did anyway), "An Abundance of Katherine's"(I loved the anagrams and Colin's intelligence) , and "Paper Towns". I always love a good mystery and this book provided it. When I finished reading it, my initial reaction was 'What. Are you kidding me. That's it?!' Then I realized I really like the story. I don't know how or why. Maybe, it's because Margo Roth Spiegelman embodied the person that wanted to run away but to have someone come chasing her, or be Quentin Jacobsen who believed that the girl he had his eye on his whole life actually wants him in hers, and not just in a neighbor kind of way. Another thing that I liked here is the idea of a paper town, of how everything is temporary. And I liked the anticipation in looking, the deciphering of the clues, and all the other things they did in this book. It moved me, it will surely do the same to you.

3. THE CASUAL VACANCY by J. K. Rowling

I have not read this yet, but I'm planning to before this year ends. I don't even have the slightest idea what this is about. Haha!

As you can see, I didn't include "The Mark of Athena". Haha! I have a whole post dedicated for it. :)

Music is a big part of people's lives. In my case, I can't go a day without it. It gets me amped up for the day. I need music when I read my books or study, when eating, while on the road, or even on commercial breaks in between my TV series. The albums below are some of my most played songs this season.

1. RED, Taylor Swift

 Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who waited for this particular album, right? It's a whole new Taylor Swift. My favorites in this album is "Everything has Changed" (with Ed Sheeran), "The Last Time" (with gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) and "All Too Well". All the other songs are really good too! You know how there are songs that makes you just listen and some make you want to sing along? Well, Taylor's songs are more of the sing-along type. :)

2. + (Deluxe Album), Ed Sheeran

Who doesn't love Ed Sheeran's voice?! Come on people, I know you do love his voice. Haha! His voice is sooooo soothing that I find myself listening to this album every now and then, specially when I need some peace and calm around me. My favorite here is "Give Me Love" because of the acoustics and everything else. This song was also featured in The Vampire Diaries, which became my favorite scene instantly. They also just released the official music video for Give Me Love. It's aaahhh!! :))) Sheeran's voice sings me to sleep every night. Haha!

3. TAKE ME HOME, One Direction

One Direction's second studio album, in follow up with their first "Up All Night" have received mixed reviews from people all over the music industry. But I have listened to some of the songs in this album and I can say that all of it is very clean and polished. These songs are what the girls would want to hear from their guys, right? I love their song "Little Things". It seems sincere and honest, and it definitely feels like the boys are singing for you. Watch its video here.

4. #3, The Script

Before you say anything, let me explain first. Haha! I know I only said Top 3 for each of the catgories I had in mind but please have the exception just for this one because 1.) I love The Script and 2.) They're coming to the Philippines!! Yeeey!! Ha. Anyway, their first single, "Hall of Fame" in collaboration with Will.I.Am is a sure favorite among their audience, with its magnificent instrumentals and the message they are portraying out of the song. This album also has two CDs, the first one with all their new songs, and second having live performances of their top hits.

Being a self-confessed couch potato for American shows, I promise I won't be biased in this category. Believe me, this is a tough one for me because I want to put a lot of shows here, but I said Top 3 so, there.


See? Not biased at all! Haha! I may have not been able to catch up with all the episodes of this since Season 1, and this is not particularly my favorite of the favorites, it is still on my priority primetime watchlist. And the walkers might start chasing me if I say I keep on forgetting the airtime for this. :D And Lori's dead! Then I don't know what happened in the next episodes after that. :D But it's a must watch! Just, don't eat while watching. :))))


Those who are under 13, please don't watch this. Haha but I super love Max and Caroline. This show is hilarious. Their cupcake business, friendship, financial situation are all tangled up. I only watched the first two episodes of the second season but I'm sure the next ones will be just as funny. :)


The story of an experiment gone bad and is in hiding and found by an NYPD officer and figured they have met before, when he saved her life. A modern fairy tale between Vincent Keller and Catherine Chandler as they struggle in knowing each other more. The only reason I watched the first episode was because of Kristine Kreuk. Haha! But now, I hang on every episode because it's not a fantasy where someone is half-something of some sort of supernatural creature. It's scientific and dramatic, which I love. I also love what Keller said in one episode, "No matter how much I keep telling you to stay away, I keep on showing up too."

I haven't watched any of the movies I'm about to tell you guys about, but I've seen very positive reviews about them and I'm very much planning on watching them on my free time. Please don't spoil anything to me. Haha!


Who isn't waiting for this? The vampire story that captured us all has come to an end. I know Twi-hards all over the world are mourning and celebrating at the same time, I know the feeling when I watched HP7 Part 2! From what I've heard, the movie is awesooome. I have yet to see it myself, on the silver screen and not on my mini monitor.


I saw some tweets that this is Disney's best this year. Is it true? :)


Our favorite agent has come back! Haven't seen the reviews yet, but from what I've heard from some, we have overexpected. Hmm? Did we?

That's all from my radar for now! Looking forward to the next quarter to see what will be trending next. :) TSG 

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