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The fourth installment of Bloggers United has commenced last December 15-16 at World Trade Center in Pasay, in cooperation with World Bazaar Festival. The previous Bloggers United events were just a single day, but now, the blog readers and bazaar enthusiasts were graced with a a whole weekend of it. Since it's a two-day event, I decided to only go for one day- Sunday to be exact, and with my BU buddy, Isay :)

(This is a loooooong post :D Read on!)

Here's what I wore first. Very pa-girl lang ang peg. Just sweet and sweet. :D

Frolicking... Lol

Demure po ako. :))

Sunglasses from Mint

The pattern on the bottom part of my dress. (Took the photo while resting. :D)

Stolen to!!! Srsly!! :D

I insisted to have this part taken because I want you to see the tail of my dress, the ribbon in front, and the pattern and pleats. :)))
One of my aunts told me that I have this thing with clothes with layers. I didn't realize it until she noticed. Haha! And super thank you also to those who complimented me and my dress during the BU. ;)

Actually, the second day of BU was not as merry as the first day. There were less people (which is an advantage because I didn't have to squeeze between people to buy), there were no games or programs, and some of the bloggers got sold out the previous day so they didn't come for the next day. Still! I believe it was a HUGE success, because a lot of the readers and bloggers had fun meeting each other. :) And SHAY MITCHELL of Pretty Little Liars visited BU!! OMG!! Unfortunately, I was already home when she came, so sad news for me because I'm a big fan of PLL. Anyway, it's still awesome that she went there! Kudos to the BU team! (But I still prefer the single day event, larger venue perhaps. Hi, Ate Ana, Ate Pax, and Ate Melai! Hihi. Congraaaats! :* )

Soooo. Who did I see for the second day of BU? Ta-daaaa.
(Made it a collage so it would be easier. And, less clutter. Ha. Please, excuse the bags all over me. I was a happy shopper, eh. Hahaha)

(From L-R) (1) With Ate Pax of Drowning Equilibriums and is very fun to talk to :))
(2) With Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista. And I said this on Twitter and I'll say it again, I love her sequined shorts and camo blazer!! :D
(3) With Dani Barretto of Style is Eternal. This is my first time to meet her sooo, awesomesauce! She's also super nice and pretty :)

Enciso sisters! I love them! Really. They're super nice and super pretty, super fun to talk to, lahat na!
(1) With Verniece Enciso :) Para kaming mag best friends na ewan sa photo. Haha! But I super love this girl! Super nice and pretty!
(2) With Vern Enciso of A Shoetale. I really always look forward to seeing her because she's fun to talk to and accommodating. I feel like I've known her for years when I talk to her :)

(1) With Kuya Paul, the PR Guy! Yey! I wanted to meet him since then and I got the chance at BU. :))
(2) With Kuya Bjorn. Who is always super nice and accommodating :)
(3) With Kelly Medina, finally! A photo with him! :)
(1) With Ate Ana Gonzales! Grabe sya! Super hardworking talaga! She was walking around the whole event, checking on the bloggers, chatting with them, and even buying from other booths. Hats off to you, Ate! :)
(2) With Ate Sarah Tirona :) I bought her shoes! And I love 'em! And I am really glad to meet her. I find her cool and easy to talk to and she really is sweet. Thanks Ate Sarah! :)
(3) With Tracy Ayson. I find her very pretty inside and out. And I think most of the items that I bought are from her. Haha! I got the good items! Yey! ;)

(1) With Shai and Seph of Lovechic! Yeeey! I wasn't able to catch them last BU3, and now, yey! Hihi. Super happy. :) :) And they are really accommodating to all their readers. ;)
(2) With Marcelo Santos III. Most favorite-d photo and RT-ed photo ata to e! Haha actually I was a bit hesitant to approach him at first because I'm not really familiar with him unlike the other bloggers, but when I approached him, ha! Ang bait niya. Makulit din. Haha. Hi, Marcelo! :)

 So, the shoes I bought from Ate Sarah. I can't resist trying it on just because. See for yourself. Hahaha. And she told me she didn't really have the heart to sell it at first, but she offered it to me. Yie! That's why I'm thanking her soooo much. ;)

Featuring! Gong Cha! Hahaha. Chocolate Milk Tea :)))

The whole thing with my dress and these shoes reminded me that when it comes to dressing up,  edgy and sweet is really my style. :)))) Love.

Photos by Princess Soriano

BU4 was a success! Can't wait for BU5! Thank you for reading! :) TSG

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