9:44 AM

Hey :)
It's December! Can you believe it? I can't! Have you started on your Christmas shopping yet, or you're already finished? :)

Whenever my friends feel like going out, (mostly to the mall) they text me. Or some just tell me where they are at then after a few hours, I'm on my way. It's funny how this happens all the time. Someone even told me I'm their most 'To-Go' Friend, like coffee. Hahaha. Anywaaay, why am I telling you this? Lol

Last Saturday, this happened to me again. I just woke up and my friend texted me asking if I'm busy. After a few persuadings, ta-da there I was, on my way to the mall.

My friend just bought a new phone, Xperia Go. These photos are from that phone. The camera's megapixel may already pass as a digital camera. I'm not advertising, just stating the fact from this cool phone. Oh, did I mention that it's also waterproof? Perfect for the summer, and those of you who text while on the shower. :)))

 Getting fat... I know! Gah. I can't stop eating :( Hahaha.

Top from Jellybean; Shorts from Freeway; Bag from Coach; Flats from Primadonna

Tried something new. Haha.

That's all I have for now. TSG

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