Merry Berry

3:32 PM

Hey there! How are your holidays so far? Mine is about to come to an end because classes will resume on the 3rd :( Sad, I know. Ha! Anyway, here's one of my holiday outfits. :))) I posted one of the photos to my twitter and facebook. :)

My outfit's very festive. Haha! Very Christmas-y. :))) Also, I love those pants!! 
I love the big ribbon in front of my top. :)

The back detail of this top is also what made me choose this one. I'm going girly. Hahaha. No. :D

I love how these pants made my legs look super slim and miles long.

I think Divine was still sleepy when she took these photos, thus the background. :D

Photos by Divine Salandanan

I posted this sooo late, sorry! I was a bit busy reading. Not that I went to lots of Christmas parties, because I actually didn't. A first for me, yes. I think last year's the one I attended so many parties. Well, a lot has changed over the year, but I am looking forward to 2013. Yey! And I am also thanking everyone who reads this blog. You are a big part of my 2012. Again, Thank you!! It's New Year's Eve tomorrow! The whole house will be blaring with music again. ;) Have a good year, everyone! :* TSG

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