Good Vibes 2013

7:05 PM

Hello!! My first post for 2013. YEY! :D
How's the start of the year? How about your New Year's Resolutions? :)

It's been a part of my habit to make goals to achieve every year and by the 31st of December, I cross out those that I managed to do successfully. Last year, one of my goals was to manage my own fashion/personal style blog and ta-da! Here we are! Haha! Doesn't it feel good to achieve something that was once just a part of your random thought? :)

Another one of my goals last year was to walk the runway for a known brand. And guess what, nougat? I did it! Remember the Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show that featured more than 2,000 models and has beaten the Guinness World Record? It feels awesome to know that I was one of those 2,255 models. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to be part of a record-breaking event? :)

I will share to you what happened that day (Novermber 29,2012). I know I should have posted this last month, but hey, at least I did. :)))
(Originally, I was supposed to walk for Folded and Hung with one of my favorite bloggers, Ate Melai Entuna. But for some confusing reason, one of the organizers assigned me to Leaveland, so I have to go their fitting.)

Call time for all the models was 8:00 AM at the venue. When I arrived, models, professionals and amateurs alike, were milling down the venue. It was my first time to see that MANY models at once. We were given instructions on where to sit while we wait.

We were instructed to be made up at 1PM (I think) and to be back to the holding area by 3. During those hours, models were all over the new Glorietta. If you were there that day, you would know. Haha! A lot were wearing black  (because models under a shoe brand were told to wear black).

At 6:30 PM, the first batch of models were deployed to the backstage. There were five runways with different brand assigned to them. Leaveland was in Runway 5. :)

Enough of my blabber, I guess. I only have a few photos because those who came to watch for me was far from our runway so they can't take a photo, and according to one of my friends, the guards prohibited the use of DSLR cameras, so there.

(photo does not belong to me.)
Hanapin niyo ko!!! Hahaha kidding. :)))

When our segment was over, all of us models of Leaveland went back to the store to change to our regular shoes. :)) And we also took the liberty of taking photos of us :)) (Photos from Arwin Villafuerte)

And here's myself. Hahahaha

I posted this photo in my Twitter and Facebook account. Haha. I was wearing a beautiful pair of gold strappy shoes, 6 inches of heels. I was wearing it for so long that my feet was really sore the next day. :D

I got home that day at past 10 PM and was soooo tired but it was all worth it. I made new friends and a had great experience. I can't wait for the next time to reach one of my goals. :)

Let's all face 2013 with good vibes all around us! TSG

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