Catsup and Mustard

4:19 PM

Helloooo! :)

 I really like my schedule this semester because I don't have classes for Staurday, which means I can use it to either rest from the stressful week at school OR go out with friends.

I have more than a month left for this sem, which means, hello summer! :) I'm so excited for the vacaaaaay. :D

This is what I wore one Saturday afternoon.

Excuse my poker face. :)))

Anyway, back to the outfit. Errr. I know I seldom wear pieces with bright colors because my wardrobe mostly consists of blacks, grays, and whites, that's why when I saw this sheer top from Tracy Ayson's booth last BU4, I bought it at once. Paired it with my berry- colored pants from Forever 21 and voila! Rham is colorful today! Hahaha. I like how it gave me the illusion of catsup and mustard. :)))

Love my new sunnies! They're from the online store of a good friend, Bib & Tucker. Go check out their items! I'm sure you'll love them. :)

So, if you have been reading my blog since then, you may remember that it's birthday is coming up soon. Yey! I'm excited because I can't believe it's been almost a year since this craziness started. Haha! Oh well, can't wait to celebrate it with you, guys!TSG  :* 

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