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8:07 PM

So yeah. Been busy with school works sooooo. Yes.
Now, I haven't abandoned blogging over school works completely. I've been posting my rants about the books and movies I read in my Tumblr account.(If you're following me there, you know how much of a fangirl I am when it comes to books. :D)

On to the outfit. :) I didn't bother editing most of the photos because this post has been back lagged for so long. :)) 
Wore this simple maxi dress to a Mika Marcelo's debut. The dress code was long gown, so ta-daaaa!
(I am not very flowery with my words this time, aren't I? Hahaha)

What I loved about wearing this dress was it made me look super tall. I always wanted to grow a little more (atleast 5'7) so this dress was a dream come true for me. Haha!

And here goes a bit of the photo dump:

With Alyana Magpantay and Moreen Abarquez
Haven't talked to these girls for so looooooong. Glad to see them. ;)

With Denise Magsanoc
Hi, Ish. :))))

With Joanna Rumuar
I did her hair and make-up. :)))))

With the debutante, Mika! :)
Thank you for inviting me Mika! Beautiful debut. :D

Photos from Joanna Rumuar

There you go!
So, hello February! My blog's 11 months old! Can you believe it?! I can't!! Hurrah! :D Have you joined my latest giveaway, yet? Join now hereTSG

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