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First, let me greet someone-


Yey! Can you believe it? It's been more than a year since I started this blog and here we are now.
Thank you to everyone who's with me every step of the way. Thank you to my sponsors and brands that I represent (GlamnFab Shoppe, Zalora, MsDressy, Bib & Tucker, Anonymity). Thank you to all my friends who I always asked to take my outfit photos (there's more to come I swear! Haha). Thank you to all my GFC followers, Bloglovin followers, Lookbook fans, Tumblr followers, 'Independent Fashion Bloggers' friends, Chictopia fans and friends, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers. Thank you to all the people who complimented, criticized (constructively), promoted, trusted, read, and just browsed through this site. Thank you to the people who inspired me to do this, who patted me on my back, and pushed me to continue. Basically, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS BLOG. Without you, I would not get thousands of views every month. I love you all.

I actually should have posted this last March 1 because it was the actual date of my first ever post (The First Leopard), but due to my amazing schedule, I didn't really get the chance. Since summer vacation is just a couple of weeks away, expect giveaways and more posts from me. I'm thrilled that I get to share my thoughts again through this site. (Actually I'm a bit active on Tumblr, you will know why as you read on. Haha!)

OKAY. Since I'm in a festive mood and it's also Prom Season for the High School lot, what I'm sharing to you now is the dress I got from my sponsor, MsDressy. I will also put a few tips for your Prom Night (given yours is still a few days away).

Very pa-tweetums ang pose! Hahaha!
 I'm back to my dark hues. Ha! I loved how easy it is to style this dress. Maybe it's because I was the one who chose it, including the color. Well, actually I picked that color because I realized I dont have a lot blues in my closet, so yes, it is perf.

Prom Tip #1
Choose a dress color that is appropriate to your body color. Try on what looks good on your body.

Me: "Sige na nga, fierce na kunwari. ;)"
 Another thing that I loved about this is the dramatic tail. Im always in it for drama specially in clothes (Gossip Girl influence) and this one made the cut.

Prom Tip #2
Make sure that the dress you choose flatters your body and you are comfortable to move in it. Prom nights are special and fun, you don't want to spend half of the night tugging on your dress when you should be dancing with your crush, right? Wear the dress, your dress shouldn't be wearing you.

Prom Tip #3
Choose a purse where all essentials will fit: pressed powder, oil control film, lip gloss, small mirror, phone, tissue/wipes, hairpins and ties, band aid, and a small camera. (an Instax will be perfect for this!)

One more detail to love about my dress is the beading in the middle part. It provides just the right amount of shine. They also look like stars on a night sky. And it cinches the waist perfectly.

Prom Tip # 4
Bring on the bling. Promenades is one of the best times to SHINE, literally and metaphorically. Put on your best jewels and accessories to match the dress. Oh, also your winning personality and you will definitely shine. :)

If you're wondering what the title is all about or where it is from, it is actually the title of the first book of the series by Veronica Rossi, Under The Never Sky. I am a huge bookworm  and dystopian literatures continue to immerse me in their post-apocalyptic world. (And is one of the reasons why I haven't posted here for a while, so many books to read, so little time! And Tumblr is where I express all my feels in the books I read. So if you're also on Tumblr, follow me. Yey!)

The beads in my blue dress reminded me so much of this book where electric storms are occurring every now and then. Also, this dress made me think of the home of the male lead, The Tides.

I think I'm making you dizzy with the loooooong and mazed post. I'm just really grateful and excited to do this again. I'm planning on basing some outfits to the characters of the books I read. We'll see where I get to float my boat this summer. Again, from the bottom of my hypothalamus- THANK YOU.

One last.

Prom Tip #5
Be yourself. ENJOY.


Photographed by Divine Salandanan

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