Can't Stop Me Now

5:59 PM

So last April 27, 2013, the first 12-hour music festival in the Philippines was held. And it was soooooo fun! To all those who went, y'all know what I'm talking about. ;)

At the entrance :)

Shane (my forever buddy in everything) and I decided to go later in the night because we figured we might not last all morning dancing if we went there too early. By the time we got there, Jump Smokers were already on stage and they were killing it. The crowd was already high though it's only 7 pm.

Next to perform was Dev. We were hanging out at the back by the time Jump Smokers finished so when it was announced that Dev was next, I ran like crazy to the crowd. Hahaha. Dev is one of my faves, that's why ;) And her voice is really sooooo sexy. I love her crew and back up! And her whole set was soooo fun. ;)

Then it was Cobra Starship. Again, we ran. What's with me and running?! Lol anyway, it was also a super fun set! There were so many people packed together because we all love Cobra Starship so it was a bit hard to dance around. Still, we had an amazing time. Hearing them play their music live is ..... :)

Next was Alex Gaudino. He opened with the mix ' Gaudino! Gaudino! Gaudino! ' and I got so LSS to it that even when we were already home, I still kept saying that. Hahaha. During his set, Shane and I took the opportunity to rest for a while.It's still early and were already tired. We also checked out some of the booths they had.

Let's talk about what I wore now... ;) Since it's a music festival, I opted to go for comfort. I've seen enough photos of Coachella so I took my cue from there. I wore my favorite high waisted shorts with my D-I-Y Lee shirt. :D Also, my glasses had its debut on my blog! Haha! Good thing it goes with the outfit. :D 

We stayed back until the last hour of Apster. We even ran into Sam YG, so coooool. Haha! Then we went back inside to enjoy Apster's awesome music. We were in the middle of the crowd when he finished then the crowd around us started screaming "Afrojack! Afrojack! Afrojack!" A few minutes after that, he's out! The two hours of his set was THE BEST! I swear everyone was having fun. It's already midnight-early morning, we were all sweaty and tired but that didn't stop us from dancing and jumping to Afrojack's beats. The fireworks and confetti were all over us as well. 

After Afrojack was Cedric Gervais. We hang back for a bit then decided to go back and sit for a while because we were so tired then decided to go home. :D Everything's worth it. ;)

Hopefully, there will be another one of this next year because we certainly had a blast. :) TSG

The title is from the last song Afrojack played- 'Can't Stop Me Now'. Here it is, enjoy! :)

Photos from Shane's iPhone. My camera failed me, that's why.

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