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Okay. I told a lot of my readers that I'm planning a big comeback for my blog. However, I can't seem to find the time yet because of my full schedule and this is very important.

So you see, One Republic is coming to Manila!!!! Ah!!!! I'm a big fan and have always loved Ryan Tedder's voice. Their songs never fail me to soothe me and their new album 'Native' is one of my favorites.

After all these years, there were songs that had grown on me.

5. Say (All I Need)
Dreaming Out Loud, 2007

This is the first song that got me to notice OneRepublic. It's soothing sound carried into me and has managed to leave a mark in my ears. It's lyrics also are so artfully written.

4. Burning Bridges
Native, 2013

A hidden gem in OneRepublic's latest album. This deserves to be made into a single. It's catchy and meaningful, with beautiful acoustics. 

3. Apologize
Shock Value, 2007 

Who has never heard this song? Right? This is so popular but come to think of the lyrics, it tells the story of how someone's apology may come to late. It speaks of death, subtly so, and speaks volumes of how never to take for granted anyone. Their collab with Timbaland helped make this record a sure-fire hit.

2. Counting Stars
Native, 2013

This song's catchy tune snared my ears the first time I heard. And it wasn't a single yet back then. The lyrics were also so melodious and beautiful that I can't help but sing along and ponder the words.

1. Secrets (Waking Up, 2009)

This remains to be in my top spot simply because of the sheer genius of the words, acoustics, sounds, and meaning. It sounds like it's an anthem for a lot of people, how we all keep secrets and getting them out lifts a big burden on us, and how these secrets will affect the people in our lives.

I really am excited to see and hear One Republic live. They're amazing and I would really love to see them perform live. :)

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