Flower Power

1:29 PM

Hooray for my first outfit post in seven months! :)

So last October, we celebrated one of my friends' debut. It was supposed to be a surprise party, but I have no idea what happened. Haha! And we were 'forced' by the our friend slash organizer to wear costumes. I'm one for wearing costumes but we were notified late, so we didn't get to prepare one. However, I had an ingenius idea and wore something that I believed was a costume. :)))

(Photos taken from my phone, so its quality is not exactly the best)

 Dress from Chocolate Stardust (via instagram), gold glittered pumps from Tell Us Some Fashion (via instagram), earrings from H&M, Watch from Citizen

I asked my mom to buy me that flower crown to match my flower designed bustier dress. I was originally supposed to wear this on another friend's debut last August, but I wasn't able to go because of the heavy rain. Good thing I finally had a reason to wear this. ;)

A little photo dump (you know you missed this. Haha!)

Giving my message to the birthday girl. Haha hi, Lyssa! And Jamiel's teeth :D
I love how candid this photo is.

The girls of BFs (sans Lyssa and Zyra)

My wacky best friends. Lol

I love Gellie's minion costume :))))

Barriotic Friends reunited. :))

Crazy as always
For my next back lagged posts, most of it will still be taken from my phone, so the quality won't be that great. And I'm so lazy in charging my camera's batteries. Ha sorry :)))

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