I'm back- sort of.

11:01 AM

Well, hello there!
Notice anything different, eh? You're right! I lost weight! Haha kidding :))

Say hi to my new blog layout. Yey! I know I promised a long, long while ago that I would take care of this matter and here it is now. I honestly am very happy to be back in the blogosphere. Lots of things happened in seven months (my last post was about the Close Up Summer Solstice, aside from the One Republic post which I did out of morbid desperation, anywaaay), come June, I entered my fourth year of college. Whew! That alone made me busy. Then a lot of stuff happened in my family, and all sort of things. In other words- I was overly occupied. I'm also doing my internships now, so.... :)

So to all my readers, forgive me if I haven't posted in seven months. I have a lot of catching up to do. No worries about that because I will post a lot of my Instagram photos (Hey, follow me on instagram!! @rhamichumarco *wink wink*). I have a few ootds there. I admit, I still have lots of things I need to deal with, but I got more time on my hands now than I had a few months back. I may not be able to post regularly, but I will do my very best to do it from time to time.

And to all the people who encouraged me to continue blogging, those who kept on asking why I haven't posted yet, those believed I am 'talented' in this field- thank you. You guys inspired me to continue, one step at a time. This blog is not just about fashion, personal style, and all the hulabaloohs. This is my story, and knowing that people read my story touches me everyday.

During my time away, I also happened to think about the path I want to take on my career. I can't believe with what I came up with, because it is something I hated for years, but many let me realize that I may hate it, I am damn good at it. (I am being very vague about this, obviously. Lol) Thanks guys. I sincerely hope all my goals will come to a fruition in the near future. :)

With this new blog, I've received invitations to a lot of collaborations, making me excited on what's to come. More things will happen on my blog, so watch out. And as we close November and step into December, I also close a few chapters in my life, including the old layout of my blog haha, and start a new one. I'm sounding very cheesy but I'm glad that you are a part of this new chapter. TSG

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