An Awkward Goodbye to 2013

5:42 AM

It's almost five AM in the morning of the last day of two-oh-one-three and I just finished the last episode of Awkward season 3 an hour ago (thus the title). Weird that I'm doing this when I really am starting to feel sleepy, but what the hell. That last episode opened my eyes and heart to a few things and I was actually planning on writing a final post for this year so here it is.

I'm running out of the point, aren't I? Huh. Like always.

So, here's the deal. I was reflecting back to the year that has definitely gone by and I was trying to remember the best of it. Unfortunately, I think there were more downs than the up ones. Not self-pitying, just stating the truth about what happened to me this year. I mean, sure there must have been good ones but I can't seem to recall any of it right now. How messed up is that? I totally thought that 2012 was my worst year and that it was when I hit my lowest, but this year wasn't so much better. Okay maybe a little. I'm being too hard on myself.

While I won't go down on the deets of everything, there might be a few things that I'm proud of this year:

This was the year where I realized what I really wanted to do on my career, and not just some lame fantasy of  being successful. I have a legit career path (almost legit, I just have to figure out how to get there- pronto) that I want to take and my choices are evolving. I admit, this year wasn't the best time for my choices, but hey, as I always say "You always have a choice. Learn to live with it." I had bad ones, lived them down and now ready to get some action. I want to keep sharing my story to other people, by tweeting or talking, or this blog, or whatever works for you, (except a diary, please not a diary. That never really worked out on me because I feel like I'm being forced to write.) but I just want to share. I don't want it to feel like an obligation or something that I had to do because I'm being graded, or paid. I want to continue because I care for other people. It's a little confusing, but it's fine, you don't have to understand. Haha!

Okay, now that I've written a few, I've thought of the good things and ones that I'm thankful for that happened to me this year: the frienships I have, mended, reconnected, kept alive, and made new. I don't need to mention them but I really am glad for all of my friends. If they're not the ones keeping me sane, I don't know who is. Haha! Next is, my mom's back home. Awesome, despite all the tragedy and drama that has passed. What matters is, she's home. Another thing: my books. I know I must have abused my love for them and turned them into an addiction and rather than a hobby, but I was grateful for the escape it always gave me during the hardest times. It gave me an out, and an in into someone else's life. All is fictional but it made me open-minded to a lot of things. I still have my principles and morals and all that stuff, but it made me learn and feel a lot of things- by association- still, the learning is there. I have always loved reading and now I know how to balance it out. A bit. Another thing I'm grateful for: Social Media! Who doesn't love it? Come on. I've been on Twitter and Facebook since 2008/2009 (I'm a bit iffy on the year) and it has definitely evolved along with this generation. Also, social media gave me a platform for our thesis. Lol. One more thing I'm grateful for: PBA! Aahh. Why did I even stop watching it when I was in High School? Clearly, I missed it and am making up for lost time. Still supporting my all-time favorite team, and also appreciating players from other teams. Coolyoooo. One last thing I'm thankful for: all my hobbies. Which involves books and the PBA stuff, those should be in this category. Anyhoo, I'm glad I have them. Or was it too many? Hmm.

You guys know (or do you?) that I have a thing for making lists. Evidently, I always have a habit of making a long list of New Year's Resolutions. This time around, I can only think of one thing: for 2014, I will finish everything that I start.

It sounds vague but it's good enough for me. And this is already too long and  I might be boring you with my senseless crap that has nothing to do about day to day fashion. I just got inspired by Jenna Hamilton's last assignment "Who I Want To Be" and realized, it's what I want for 2014. It's a bit short term, I'm taking one step at a time. I hope you figured some stuff too over the year.
That's it from me for 2013 and I wish you all the best for 2014. Enjoy your NYE!! TSG

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