Banana Peplum

6:00 AM

Being a fourth year student, we had to attend this Job Hunting Seminar at our school to prepare us for our careers after graduation.
In relation to that, we had to wear our best corporate attires. :)

When I got to school, one of my blockmates told me I look like a banna peeling, with my dress color and peplum of the dress. Haha! It s one good banana peeling, though :)

Blazer, thrifted; Peplum dress from Petit Monde; necklace from Bib and Tucker; Black pumps from St. Francis; Black flats from Red Tag; Black bag, thrifted in KSA 

Photo dump. Always the photo dump. :))

With Justin and Shane. 

Resting with my Cluster Breakout co-host, Chris
We just had to. Sorry not sorry. :)))

I really love it when you get items at such an affordable price with an excellent quality. Fashion doesn't have to make you shed your pockets. You just have to know the right places to shop, have a good eye on items, and lastly, mad bargaining skills. Haha! TSG

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