Feeling Winter

12:00 AM

My first post for 2014... And April is almost over. I said I'll try to find time to write some backlagged posts so here I am. :)

Since it's summer, I thought I'd post this ootd of mine back in January during our three-day seminar/retreat in Batangas. It was really cold that time of the year so we were advised to wear warm clothes. Ironic that I'm posting this when it's really hot in Manila, I know. Haha!

White Sweater from Terranova; Scarf fom Terranova; Jeans from Penshoppe; 
Flats from SM Department Store

The night before we were scheduled to leave and I was preparing what to wear, I was joking around and wore everything but with my gray boots on. I always wanted to try layering clothes + wear my boots but there never came an appropriate event for me to wear it. :))

I'm not sure if I'll be posting the other photos from our seminar/retreat yet. We'll see. Hahaha. Right now, I'm still compiling photos and instagram posts from past events that I thought I would want to share on this blog so most of the next posts are a little outdated. You may follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I'm more active in those social media accounts. I'll do my best in bringing this blog back up alive. Til next time! TSG

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