Flight Essentials

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When traveling via an airplane, you need to be at your most comfortable self. While there are domestic flights that will just take you to your destination in an hour, you still want to be at ease. Here are some of the items that will make your flight worthwhile:

Some people get dizzy once aboard the plane. Some can’t sleep easily. Bring medications for headache, some paracetamol, and your own prescriptions.

Reading materials/ E-reader, Tablets
Passengers are required to be at the airport at least three hours before their flight. There are time that flights get delayed so it is better to bring some reading materials with you. You can also read them while aboard the plane. Tablets are more suitable since you can install games and other applications that will keep you entertained.

Music, Headphones
If you hate reading or playing while on a flight, you should just listen to music because the trip will feel shorter. You can also catch up on podcasts that you missed or listen to an audiobook. Before your flight, load up your ipod or music player with songs and podcasts. Bring your own headphones that are noise-free so as to not disturb your seatmates.

The temperature in airplanes vary. There will be times that the air is stifling and sticky and sometimes, you’re shivering through your clothes. It is better to come prepared so you won’t have to endure the uncomfortable temperature.

Some say that airplane food does not taste good. Bring a few snacks with you, some trail mix or easy to eat food that won’t make you feel very full.

Water Bottle
Since you can’t take a water inside the airport, it is better to bring a tumbler with you. You can just fill it up at the water fountains inside the airport.

Make your flight as enjoyable as possible and bring these essentials with you. Have a safe trip!

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