My Summer Travel Bucket List 2015 (Philippines)

4:43 PM

I can't believe the first two months of 2015 just flew by. Wow. Now it's summer and all I can think about is the sun, the sand and the sea. I'm so excited! 

Because of this I thought of writing about my travel bucket list for this summer, but I made it exclusive in the Philippines only since I'm feeling patriotic. Loljk. (Not really!) I believe that before venturing to foreign places, I should first explore my own country because we have the most amazing beaches in the world. I should know because I recently made an article about the best beaches in the world and I had three Philippine islands in my list! Also, travel packages kept appearing on my feed since December. I think they were really trying to lure me in. Haha! It's a good thing that an online travel agency is just easy to find now. These agencies have tour packages, hotel accommodations and cheap flights. If that's not enough to entice you, I don't know what will! 

Anyway, I know I'm not the only one daydreaming about our summer escapades. Haha! So join me in my daydreaming and here's my list. :)

(List is alphabetically arranged)


Known for its camping sites, Anawangin cove in Zambales is a crescent shape cove filled with pine trees lining up its shores. My friends and I are planning to go here this May because we're looking for some adventure this summer. I had experience in camping back in elementary (lol) and I was the Senior Patrol Leader of our squad (loler). What better way to test if I still have those survival skills than on a camping trip with friends, right? I really hope this trip of ours push through because I really want to see Anawangin.


Baler is one of the two famous surfing sites in Luzon. The other one is La Union, where Soul Surf Fest is held annually. I was supposed to go to Baler last year but due to many reasons, I wasn't able to so when a former co-worker invited me to join them in their trip, I jumped to the opportunity. I'm really excited to try surfing, even if I'm not a good swimmer. I just want to see if I can stand on the board. What's even more exciting is that I will go twice this summer. Yey!



I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to go to Boracay. When Filipinos say "summer", one of the beaches that come to mind is Boracay. Now that I'm (a bit) older (hahaha!), I realized I don't want to be hassled by the thousands of people who will flock to the island. But then, I want to go for the wild and happy nights, just to let loose for a while. So you see, I'm a bit conflicted (arte. hahaha). So unless a friend would invite me to go, I most probably wouldn't. I still included it though. :D 


I really would love to visit this beauty of an island. Palawan was just recently names as "the most beautiful island in the world" by Conde Nast Traveler's Reader Choice Awards. With just these photos, I am sure that I will be stunned to speechless when I finally get to visit.


I've been a reading the Greek Mythology since I was elementary (yes, elementary was like my formative years haha), so you could imagine my amazement when I discovered this island on one of my article reading nights. Those columns are very much like those of the Greeks and to have a photo there would surely be wonderful! I hope I can drag some of my friends here. Haha!

Summer is my favorite season (Lol as if there are lots of choices haha!) so I'm looking forward for what escapades I will have this year. What about you? Where are you heading this summer? :) TSG

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